Reviews A Gentle Sting (2013)


OOR ‘International standard. Melancholy mixed with optimism and hope, in beautiful poetic songs.'
Jan van der Plas
MediaZine ‘A Gentle Sting can already be called one of the most beautiful albums of 2013'
Lust For Life ‘Very flexible and versatile voice. What I like most about Cloudmachine is the music is not easy to catagorize. Timeless.’ (****)
Robert Haagsma  ‘Cloudmachine proves once again to be passionate and highly experienced'  (****)
Leo Blokhuis 'Beautiful record. Live very convincingly performed .’
Media Totaal ‘Full of melancholy, but also positivism’ (****)
Jochem Geerdink
Music From NL ‘Beautiful landmark in the band's discography with a few very radio friendly highlights.'
  Music Credo ‘Cloudmachine is one of the most important contemporary bands in the Netherlands’ (9/10)
Music Maker ‘Almost every song tells a striking and compelling story.'
IO Pages 'Stunningly good'
  File Under '(...) the band's music is too well made for 3FM -radio format -(...)' [Dutch leading pop station]
Mac Fan 'Life Affirming.'
  Lady Obscure Magazine '(...) It refuses to be categorised and is a worthy addition to any one’s music collection (...)' (****)

Music Credo
Interview by Stefan Peters on webzine (Dutch)
Haarlems Dagblad 
interview by Peter Bruyn (Dutch)
track by track description (Dutch)
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