Reviews Hum of Life (2006)


(national newspaper)

Saturday 03-03-2007

For those who haven’t heard of the band listening to the album will be a pleasant way to make aquaintance (…) Robust sounding album (…) The ten songs (…) are radiating with self confidence. Best song of the album is I’m Not Alone But I Miss You with it’s wonderful singalong chorus that begs to be played 3 times a day. (…) Cloudmachine is stepping forward as a positive addition to the Dutch music scene.
(leading national music magazine)

Three years ago Ruud Houweling surfaced as a surprise with the impressive debut of his band Cloudmachine.(…) Now finally there is a follow up.(…)
A cd packed with a variety of styles, emotions and instrumentations that once again gets to you.(…) With a flawless production and at times almost frighteningly personal lyrics this is once again a beautiful record
(leading national music magazine)

All the praise the band got with the first record is applicable to this second one, noting that the band and the compositions have developed resulting in a very consistent abum.
(leading national magazine for musicians)

In a little while the second Cloudmachine album will be released. So you can give your cd-player a nice treat. The band makes delicious indie pop (…) The album is packed with gripping original songs(…) This band will find it’s way.

Snow Patrol, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Razorlight, they’re all a hype, selling out concert within a few hours. But are they so much better than the bands we have in The Netherlands? (…) I give Hum Of Life another spin (…) A superb record. The spheric rock of Cloudmachine is one of a kind and it takes some time before the songs reveal their secrets. Maybe that’s why they’re not a hype(…) It’s pretty unique and it takes a little effort before you’ll fathom it’s beauty. Like life itself…so to say.

iO Pages
no. 79 / april 2008

The songs sound as solid as a rock (…) Houweling proves his undisputed class as a songwriter (…) Pop pearl.


Critics might claim they’ve discovered the new Coldplay or Radiohead, a huge compliment for a small Duch band. But they will miss out on the fact that they have a voice of their own.(…) The layered and at times nicely dramatic arrangements are capable of sweeping away big international acts.

Cloudmachine has a very international sound.
We agree with all the other great reviews.
(leading national magazine for drummers)

Cloudmachine proves that the making of well crafted pop music with sensitive lyrics is an art in itself.
(sponsored underground magazine)

Beautiful guitar record. A dash of Kasmir, and a wink to Radiohead. But these are only references and Cloudmachine’s music is mostly authentic. Keep an eye out for them.
(HIFI Video Test magazine)

Well crafted pop- and rocksongs that sound perfect.

Hum Of Life is filled with golden melodies.

With songs like When You Feel and I Won't Forget Ruud Houweling once again proves he is a great songwriter.

(…) will definitely make you think of Starsailor or Keane with guitars. Dutch band Cloudmachine adds subtle nuances in authentic and typical songs.