Reviews Sweater for the cold world (2003)

(leading national music magazine)

The band has so much class the only reason why they’re not signed by a major is recession.The lyrics are original, the arrangements clever, the harmonies have grandure.
(leading national music magazine)

(…) finally the well deserved national attention for this record(…) Simply excellent guitarpop.
(leading national magazine for drummers)

( * * * *)

Sweater For The Cold World is packed with references to the great songwriters of the last 25 years; Bowie, The Beatles, Crowded House, U2.
These influences are seemlessly crafted into 11 perfect songs on this debut album.
BN-De Stem

Sweater For The Cold World has it’s feet firmly planted in the history of pop music delivering well crafted songs that never sound stolen or copied. The references are impressive Bowie, Crowded House, Talking Heads, Queen en The Beatles are but a few names. (…) making it a very intrigueing album.
(online underground magazine)

All of a sudden they were there, with a record that made magazines like Oor, Music Maker and Aloha utter little squeels of extacy. An album that makes you think of long nights in expensive studio’s and well thought out marketing strategies, but the opposite is true. I bet you the majors are in a bad temper and on the lookout for their scouts who missed out on all this.
Music Minded
(underground music magazine) (8/10 points)

(…) a little Bowie, a bit of The Kinks. And modern Britts sound through in Cloudmachine’s music. Starsailor for example. But who cares what the references are? What matters is Hollands has got a great new band. So support them. Buy those CD’s. Visit those concerts.
Music Maker

Cloudmachine impossible to label ( * * * * * )

Hard to label, this Cloudmachine. I had to get into the album but after a few spins it grew on me. The arrangements are well thought out and the songs have a lot of different angles without the band ever losing it’s own sound. A very pleasant surprise.

This debut album is a chain of happy, catchy pop songs with lyrics shaped like little stories that will warm your heart and spontaneously put a smile on your face. All somgs are equally cheerful and original. The perfect remedy for autumn depression!
  Home Entartainment Today

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(…)These songs will grow the more you listen to them. The music Cloudmachine makes is hard to label. There are influences by icons like
The Beatles, David Bowie and Lou Reed, but these are blended into Cloudmachine’s very own pop sound.